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Preconference bundles

Focused, extended courses of learning. Bundled with a full conference pass, they run from one-and-a-half to three days.

Creative Cloud@MAX - Sold out

Use the tools you love in new ways. Learn timesaving benefits of Creative Cloud collaboration tools and discover new ways to use your favorite apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Russell Brown@MAX

The Art of the Movie Poster — An Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Design Experience. Work with top designers and instructors in the Hollywood movie poster industry.

Preconference courses

Preconference courses give you the time to go deep with a product, skill, or workflow. They are full-day or half-day courses. We’ll provide the equipment and supplies. Preconference courses are an additional fee to the conference fee.

Full-day preconference courses

  • Adobe After Effects expertise is in demand, and validating your skillset gives you credibility and a competitive edge. Impress employers, clients, and collaborators with proof of the must-have skills for on-the-job success.

    This certification prep course is a deep dive into Adobe After Effects taught by Luisa Winters, an Adobe Certified Instructor and subject matter expert on motion design. You’ll learn how to incorporate After Effects into your creative life and gain in-depth experience creating in the app, giving you the foundation needed to pass the Adobe Certified Professional exam for After Effects.

    In this course, you’ll learn:

    • Critical concepts for working in the motion design and VFX industry — from working with colleagues and clients to crucial legal, technical, and design-related knowledge
    • Best practices for setting up and organizing projects, including how to create and modify visual elements, add text, organize footage, and more
    • Techniques for animating using effects, presets, and keyframes
    • Guidelines for saving and exporting to various outputs, including social media
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  • Create with a new perspective. Join the 3D & Immersive Art & Dev team to create your own 3D project. From the basics to your final render, you’ll go into the Substance 3D ecosystem to craft your scene.

    Start with Substance 3D Stager and learn how to assemble 3D assets. Play with cameras and environments to create your own universe. Build your own digital materials from scratch with Substance 3D Sampler, or use assets and materials from the 3D assets library. Finally, paint your 3D assets with diverse materials, brushes, and other techniques. If you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you’ll feel at home.

    In this full-day, hands-on preconference, you’ll learn how to:

    • Navigate a new 3D world
    • Assemble, tweak, customize, and stage your assets
    • Create digital materials
    • Paint digital assets
    • Create an impressive 3D render
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  • Artboard composition is only a fraction of the deliverable — to succeed as a UX designer, you must focus on designing and communicating the entire flow of the experience. Step out of your comfort zone to become more of the holistic designer you envision yourself as.

    In this full-day lab, which combines hands-on work as well as group review and feedback, you will:

    • Learn how to start and end your digital design work in Adobe XD
    • Leverage Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and become confident enough to use video, voice, and Adobe After Effects
    • Join a diverse mix of international designers to exchange knowledge while also experimenting with new skills
    • Gain confidence in presenting your fully interactive prototypes and standing by design decisions with stakeholders
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  • Expertise in Adobe Premiere Pro is in demand across industries; employers and clients need creative talent with the technical know-how and ambition to handle their content creation needs. Stand apart from the crowd and increase your credibility and confidence as an Adobe Certified Professional on Premiere Pro.

    This certification prep course is a deep dive into Premiere Pro taught by Maxim Jago, an Adobe Certified Instructor and author of Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book. You’ll learn how to effectively incorporate Premiere Pro into your creative workflows and spend significant time editing in the app, providing you with the foundation necessary to pass the Adobe Certified Professional exam for Premiere Pro.

    In this course, you’ll learn:

    • Concepts for working in the video editing industry, from collaborating with colleagues and clients to understanding crucial legal, technical, and design-related considerations
    • Best practices for setting up and organizing projects to enable the most efficient and effective workflows
    • Core tools and functionality of Premiere Pro that allow you to create and modify elements, including text, footage, and more
    • How to edit video and audio using effects and keyframes
    • Guidelines for publishing and exporting in multiple formats, including for social media
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  • Join award-winning illustrator Rob Generette on an inspiring morning sketchwalk through the historic theater district of downtown Los Angeles and discover how your environment can spark you to think visually and create amazing artwork. Using pencil, paper, and Adobe Capture, you’ll collect architectural details, textures, colors, and graphics from the streets of LA. After lunch, you’ll use these elements in a hands-on lab to build your own robot design using Adobe Fresco. You’ll leave with new creative skills, a fresh outlook on drawing and graphic design, and a print of your awesome art.

    In this full-day preconference course, perfect for both those new to drawing and those who want to build on existing skills, you’ll learn how to:

    • Think visually and design quickly and with confidence
    • Use Capture and Creative Cloud Libraries to turn photos into color themes, vector elements, patterns, and brushes that you can use in Fresco and share with others
    • Use basic perspective techniques and perspective grids in Fresco
    • Add motion to your artwork and bring your creation to life
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Half-day preconference courses

  • Discover a new way to craft designs and work collaboratively with colleagues, remote teams, and clients while you get hands-on with Adobe Capture, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Join Mark Heaps, head of brand and creative at Groq, and dive into a project together, starting with a working concept and finishing with execution and delivery. Begin by using Capture as your mobile creative toolbox to capture colors, shapes, patterns, typography, and more. Then mix and evolve these design elements from your library using new production techniques in Illustrator and Photoshop.

    In this half-day, hands-on preconference, you’ll learn how to:

    • Bring elements from your surrounding environment into your real-world designs
    • Easily transform images and hand-drawn sketches into digital building blocks for projects
    • Produce and share designs with your collaborators and clients
    • Automate production to increase workflow efficiency
    • Incorporate Mark’s game-changing Photoshop and Illustrator tips and techniques
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  • The power and precision in our smartphone cameras provide a great way to experiment and explore different types of photography. This fun and informative lab will teach you skills to turn the camera that’s always with you into a powerful photography tool. We’ll use models to show you how to photograph people, both in studio lighting and in natural light on a photowalk.

    You’ll also learn how to light and photograph still life objects with studio lighting that you can re-create at home. Finally, you’ll learn how to easily edit different types of photos to bring out the best in them. Join photographers, authors, and educators Katrin Eismann and Seán Duggan for this lab that combines in-depth instruction with hands-on practice so that you can make your best photos. You’ll leave with new skills, insider tips, and techniques for editing on the go using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile — anywhere and anytime.

    Katrin and Seán will combine learning and laughter while showing you how to:

    • Work with different Lightroom camera modes
    • Experiment with light and composition
    • Manage and edit your images to make them shine with your own personal look and feel
    • Share your photos with clients, family, and friends, and more broadly on social media
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